TV Trailer

The Switch is a magical-realist transgender comedy shot and set in Vancouver

Set in a world changing between economies and genders, between death and life, The Switch is delightfully strange, proudly crude and sharply political.

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Trembling Void Studios and A Different Trans 101

The Switch is the first major production of Trembling Void Studios

Our first season consists of six episodes, each of a half-hour television length. Production of our pilot episode ran through the summer of 2013. Expect the rest of the season to shoot in Spring 2014.

For those both unfamiliar and well-versed in trans issues, it will be accompanied by a short documentary called “A Different Trans 101”.

"Trans oppression doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It almost always intersects with misogyny, race, poverty, ability, colonialism and sex work, among many other oppressions. Let’s start learning here."

We could tell you about pronouns and etiquette as our intro. But instead, if we notice that trans people are heavily marginalized, the most important thing to understand is that people are getting beaten down from a variety of social forces.